Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Open Heart Chakra

Editorial Comment: Open Heart Chakra in some peoples minds is the center of their life. As it turns out  it is the center  of the body in focus. Open Heart Chakra also is the center of feelings.

  Open Heart Chakra

The Heart Chakras happens to be the center of which feelings of love emanate. It's also associated with many other virtuous emotions, including happiness, respect, joy, compassion, generosity, understanding, as well as loving oneself. This chakra is also what we use to connect with those whom we are attracted to or love.

Open Heart Chakras-Break Down Chakras

 Once forged, all of these links are really hard to break. That is why people will greatly suffer through a broken relationship or the passing of someone they loved. The heart chakra basically is the very center of positive Chi energy within the body.

Open Heart Chakras-Colors Mean What?

  In Mantak Chia, the left side of the heart chakra is red and positively charged, while the right side is negativelycharged and dark green. The core of ones heart centre is completely pure white.

The Benefits of an Open Heart Chakra

Once you have opened your heart chakra, you will benefit in a huge array of ways. By opening your heart chakra, you will instantly increase your self respect towards yourself. You will even allow love and someone to step into your life, and most importantly, you will gain a positive outlook on life.

Open Heart Chakras-It Gets Better!

 You will heighten your feelings of compassion, heal yourself from depression and anxiety, heal your past wounds, strengthen your love for friends and family, and gain more appreciation for yourself an loved ones. T

  Tips on Opening YourHeart Chakra

- Breathing Deeply and Properly Throughout The Process
When you are trying to open your heart chakra, you
must breathe deeply often. By doing this, you will be able to feel calm, because if you don't feel calm, it will be difficult for your heart chakra to open properly.

 Not Allowing Any Negative Thoughts To Your Mind

Do not allow any negative thoughts to render your mind, because being negative and thinking negatively will cause a hindrance in letting the process work. Think of love and only love when you are trying to open your heart chakra, this will allow the entire process to go smoothly. Despite the fact that there are plenty of  heart chakra training techniques, if you allow negative thoughts to go into your mind, regardless of how effective the technique is, it will not work. Be positive throughout the process, and you will then be able to open your heart chakra.

 Be Relaxed

Lastly, stay relaxed when
trying to open your heart chakra, because feeling uncomfortable is a sign of negativity, and with negativity, it won't be able to work. Relax your soul, mind, and body before you try to open your heart chakra, to allow it to truly work on you.

By following the simple tips above when trying to open your Heart Chakra, you will then be able to do so
effectively. The amount of benefits to having an open heart chakra will not only allow you to love and be loved, but it will also benefit your entire well-being greatly.

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